SIJ Day 14
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 14

I took this photo today while traveling home. I had to make a connection in Charlotte after leaving Savannah to get home to Asheville.

I have a friend that lives there and who is also a pilot and does photography on the side. I usually call him when I'm passing through as I connect fairly often at this airport.

Well today I happened to catch him before he had to board the aircraft he was flying. We only had about 5 minutes to catch up on each other and I took this snap as he was heading to his aircraft.
Nice slice-of-life here though I would be nervous photographing at airport, TSA has no sense or humor or your rights for that matter
Good one Duane. All the lines and even the sign to Rio leads me to the door...but for some reason it just doesn't look that I picking up this vibe from the photographer? Over the travel yet mate?
First off for me this will probably develop more into a "documentary" style photos. Plus while I'm home it's a challenge to justify with my wife to be on the computer as our time together is valuable since my work takes me away for 7 days every other week.

So this image was processed via my iPhone since I transferred the images to it from my camera with the Eye-Fi SD card. I then cropped and processed the file with Snapseed while watching the Patriots-Broncos football game last night at a friends house.

Since I've committed to a PAD on my blog I then used the Wordpress iPhone app to post to there.

When I got home late last night/this morning I had to use my computer to upload the image to here.

And yes TSA is not one to upset. Normally my friend would have been able to take me on to the flight deck but no longer. Since I fly a private aircraft my travel through the commercial airports I'm not in uniform and so have to deal with the system like everyone else. X-rays and all.
Duane, many thanks for the background to the picture and to you methods of dealing with everything. I'm impressed.

I like this style very much. I had a feeling Snapseed might have been involved. I am afraid I don't get how you can process a GXR photo on your iPhone - never would have guessed such things were possible! Show's how wet behind the ears I am, eh?

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