SIJ Day 15 - Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH

SIJ Day 15 - Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH

Another walk around Portsmouth NH in bitter cold weather. Few people out and the few out there all seemed to be heading for the coffee shops.
Angle certainly adds dynamism to the image.

Looks pretty cold so I'd be with the crowds on the way for a hot brew
He's a brave soul...walking around without gloves and no hat!

It's been so cold here (and we are several states south of you Thomas and along the coast) that my fingers have almost frozen off when I was taking some pictures.

Am I right that you were aiming up from "the hip"? Did you use the LCD or have you got it down?

That light is strong and you've done well with it - you can see how bright it is by this fellow's squinting.
Thanks for the comments.

It's shot from chest height rather than hip. I keep the camera on a neck strap and either lift it up to my eye or shoot from chest height without using the finder or LCD. Takes some practice and I do miss quite a few.

The handling of the light I have to attribute to the X100. It handles bright light really well, especially with the "Dynamic Range" setting.


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