SIJ Day#15 - The Old Red Car

SIJ Day#15 - The Old Red Car

I saw this nifty old gem and was not knocked out with the composition. I played around with processing and tried a bunch of different looks. I usually loathe selective color. I thought it might fit with the nostalgic subject....especially with the poster treatment I gave it. But I still think it's a bit ham-fisted and is just a second rate attempt to cover for a boring shot in harsh mid-day light.

Day #15 is over. Vacation is a drag, but it's still better than work.
I normally hate this sort of image treatment but for some reason it works perfectly with this one. I really like it!
I don't see how this could be a boring shot, even if you'd left it in black and white - that is a beautiful classic car, the lighting looks interesting to me, as does the background.

I like this wild version and think it works well. I'd also love to see it in completely monochrome/sepia/cream...just to see it.

I think you had a ruff vacation and you'll feel better soon after you get used to that cold weather back home, Luke.:wink: You're way to harsh a critic when it comes to yourself.
Not your most subtle for the month Luke :wink: This image has some serious POP!!! The plays of hues in the red are very intriguing.
This one shouts, "Hey, look at me!"
Then everything calms down and
I start thinking about the Ford V8 and convertibles
and why didn't everybody buy one of these when they could?

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