SIJ - Day 15

SIJ - Day 15

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Sunday morning and it was really cold. A must do after a long dog walk was for me to head down to The Kneaded Bread, for the best coffee around and their home made plain donuts!

While waiting in line, I felt compelled to whip out my camera - honestly, it was this fellow and his wonderful orange sweater against that backdrop across the street that I had to photograph.

I made two different pictures...the other one can be seen here -

Thanks for looking - now I had better catch up on everyone's latest!

The coffee and donuts were delicious. ;-)
I can't testify to the doughnuts and coffee, but that sure is orange. I've been staring at the reflection in the window between them, however I think you positioned yourself to remain anonymous. Very different to my salty Sunday, I can still taste the spray on my lips.

Not only is his sweater orange but her face tones carry the orange the bench material to the right too. Like it a lot.
Brava, BB, Brava!!!!

An excellent image. That orange is...well ORANGE!!! I could stare at the colour, texture and the way the light plays in the folds for hours. Nice placement of the Buon Appetito well as the street corner that gives the image such depth.

Top shot!!!:thumbsup:
This is really good! Great composition and I always dig your post processing. Well done!
Wonderful shot, BB. The sweater warms up the whole shot, even though its clearly quite cold outside. Well spotted!
I really like this image, I'm drawn into the the orange sweater but it's the subtle details like the woman's face, the car across the street, the building in the background, the shadows and how the contrast affect the overall image

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