SIJ Day 15
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 15

Thought I'd do something a little different. I had just finished making and eating breakfast for the family and decided to finish enjoying my coffee over at the sofa. We had tall windows that face south and strong sun light was coming in. So this is what I saw.
My wife says she found it while we were living in Portugal at the A Loja do Gato Preto store at the Cascais Shopping center.
Darn it! Just as I was about to leave a comment the software has changed and I can't do a quick reply and see your large sized image!!!!!

Duane, it's good to see this bright strong color image...I think you've been doing a lot of black and white lately, if memory serves?

I'm glad you're home safe and sound and able to enjoy your time with your family.

Looks as though it was a beautiful morning!
I'm with BB on the welcome home and the lament for the Comment box lost on the bottom! Love the colour, but most of all the shadow, the eye in the sun does it for me!!
Nice. What a good catch of a simple object. First time I've ever seen a candle in a defiant pose.
I was just about to comment that the lampshade was looking a bit worse for wear until I read it was in fact a candle. I like the lighting, colours and the shadow. Very nice.

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