SIJ Day #16 flaws a-plenty

SIJ Day #16 flaws a-plenty

I didn't take many shots with my chosen lens on day #16, so all i have to give you is this crazy sad attempt at merging 2 different exposures with some weird ghosting artifacts.
Looking close you can see the slight movement that happened between the two shots, but the combining of the exposures is amazing.
When I saw the thumbnail I was wondering how you managed the exposure range - it does look a bit surreal but you have done well in PPing. Can't stop people from shifting slightly.
Until I really looked hard, I didn't notice the ghosting. It looks to me as though you were in a beautiful and warm spot...and that even though you say you hate vacations, that you did have a good time.

Can I teleport please?

Beautiful layers of color...and your campadres look as though they're enjoying themselves, as well. I bet they'll like this one very much - memories are more important than a little ghosting, I think.
Mate this is surreal. I mean really surreal.

...especially the guy fishing down the rear of his pants in the background, then the birds....

Just great!

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