SIJ - Day 16

SIJ - Day 16

Heading home via South Main.

Something about this Harley-Davidson admirer's truck in the middle of the sun going down caught my eye.

Or maybe it's because I knew I'd better try for something before it got too dark. I did like the truck and the HD iconography.
It feels like we are tailing him ... I like the processing and the perspective.
So well done BB. Processing and composition are spot-on!!! Love the reds of the stop lights and the transitions between dark and light.

One thing that troubles me is that the reflection (off the truck's tray) does not betray a Mini but more a Volvo...sorry to drivers of this Swedish car but... ::alcoholic:

Or are you on-foot?
Aw, thanks you all - purely taken from my drivers seat just as the lights turned green!

And Mark, you caught me out...we also have a Volvo and that is what I was driving. Our daughter had the MINI at work.:wink:
Nice composition and evocative colours! The signs above kind of confuse me, but maybe it'd make more sense if I saw the lines on the road.

Yeah I was wondering about the Volvo too:p

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