SIJ - Day 16
El amor del gíbaro II (The Peasant's Love II)

This is a photograph of a mural (graffitti?) in Caguas which I had photographed before, but during the daytime. I used a 15 second shutter speed and light painted over the woman with a flashlight while the shutter was open.
when first I moved to Dallas, there was tiny Bar which has showgirls murals in this fashion. I kept putting off shootingthen hte bulldozers came.Glad you documented it, and so very well too!
Great work Antonio. You painted this scene perfectly....even down to balancing the darker areas outside the a subtle vignette. Beautifully done my friend!
I remembered this lovely lady from your earlier photograph, Antonio. What a great idea to reshoot in the dark - and "light painting"!? Never ever thought of or heard about that - you produced a powerful image. I believe I prefer this night painting image more than your original, if memory serves.

This could be a very interesting series.
wow, very nicely done with the light painting! Great colours too! And a great mural, well done by the artist who made that!

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