SIJ Day 16
This is a bench on my front porch. Last night as I was taking the dog for, those with pets know, the porch light effect on the bench caught my attention for the first time. Hey, it SIJ right?

So my plan for the today's image was to photo my bench in this light.
very dramatic lighting, highlighted further but the shallow DOF, well done
Like the detail in the floor and walls and the way the far arm of the seat is just visible. Must try these dark images myself.
This is my sort of photo. I like the interplay of light and hard surfaces to give a 3-D feel. Very nice.
Hey, it SIJ right?
Indeed it is mate,and you've done the challenge justice. Very well seen and done!!! Love the shadows and the textures of the wall behind. The light fall-off and the way you weaved in into the composition are top-shelf. :thumbsup:
Well seen - to me there's a hyper reality, which I like very much, Duane.
Love how the bench disappears into the darkness. The various textures are interesting as well. Great shot.
I really like this, Duane, it has a mysterious quality, probably because of the lighting and DoF... it works... really well.

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