SIJ Day#17 - Adrift

SIJ Day#17 - Adrift

The sun is so strong in Florida that I was wishing I had an aperture smaller than f22 a few times. I love the way small apertures turn bright lights into stars. It does especially awesome stuff to the shimmer.
A silken sea!

I hopped over to Flickr to see it even larger.

All hail His Majesty the Sun!

Love everything about this dreamy image.

I would, however, hate to be adrift under that hot sun and cloudless sky.
great composition, and I love the colour in the water. The trail of little stars is cool too!
I love the tiny starbursts in the ocean. When I looked at the thumbnail I was thinking "uhoh!" but this has worked really well.
Loved it on Flickr and love it even more on here - didn't realise it was an SiJ special!


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