SIJ - Day 17  Fiery Tree
With a grey, overcast day forecast, I had something else in mind, then with my first cup of tea barely drunk I opened the kitchen blinds and that caused a mad dash to exploit the sunrise. I've never gone up the hill to the old carriage road so fast, a cylinder of oxygen would have been useful. My breathing still hasn't recovered. I arrived just in time before the cloud sheet fully moved in.
It helped to know of a suitable place to take a dawn shot close to home.
It had to be another colour shot to do it justice (pining for black and white).
To be honest Barrie, when I say the thumbnail you were one of the last guesses on my list....maybe down to the colour?

Excellent work indeed - like something from the portfolio of Galen Rowell. The silhouette works so well in this composition and the sky is the stuff of oils.

Also like the movement of the image - not a straight line in sight and so my eye is swept up in a wave-like motion. Love it!!!

Great work, like to see more colour from you my suits you :wink:
Stunning, Barrie! Honestly, I think you see in color beautifully and I'm really enjoying a freer style that seems to be emerging...

This is a dream image - but I know it's very reality based... So much drama and power - the color makes it for me!

I admire your dedication to get out the door and up to this glorious view in time!

I feel a gothic novel coming on!:drinks:
Wow, my first impression that came to me was, "Do not go near this tree as it is alive and ready to reach out and grab!" Especially with the vivid sky in the background.
This is beautiful. Great composition and exposure. Like the red and black too but am undecided about the blue showing in the clouds - may have been better to change that colour or darken it. A strong image all the same..

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