SIJ Day 17; Pathfinder

SIJ Day 17; Pathfinder

on of my back ups
nice shot, I like how the near lines are slightly blurred and things in the distance are still sharp, giving a sensation of speed and going for the horizon :) it's something I've been meaning to try, but not having a car makes it somewhat more difficult:p maybe when some1 else is driving...
Lili, you're a trooper!

I feel as though we're in a film... Don't know what time it is but it looks either awfully late at night or awfully early in the morning.
I'm drawn to the intricate pattern of lights strung across the bonnet (sorry, hood) of your car. All sorts of interesting things going on there.
There are days, when I seem to only see the world from behind the wheel. This image speaks to me!
"Keep your eyes on the road and your hand upon the wheel"
...I can't help it, this image goes with a Jim Morrison soundtrack :wink:

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