SIJ Day 17
Tried out the Sony's in camera effect called "miniature mini". It blurs/softens everything but a thin horizontal strip down the middle. It increases saturation also.

I was sat on a wall taking shots of people across the road - a little far off really for this focal length but with this sensor you can crop some. This shot was cropped to 1:1
I like the atmosphere and the clarity in the sharp portion - I'm not usually a big fan of post-processed OOF-ness, and to be honest this doesn't look particularly miniature to me, but I find it does have a certain something and it does draw the eyes to the woman and the bus...
You've definitely got an other worldly thing happening in this one, Norman. I think it's cool - the woman in purple appears to be so much tinier than she must be in real life...but that red bus looming really adds to the confusing nature of the image. Nice color lines created by the street light and what I think must be the curb?

I like the way the colors run a bit together, too. The more I look at this picture the more I get over the initial surprise to seeing its beauty.
Spent quite some time looking at and trying to 'like' this image but it's just not working for me. I know the effect you're trying here but I think it works best with buildings rather than people. That said thanks for sharing your explorations.

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