SIJ Day 17
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 17

Dropped off my oldest son for his crossfit workout and grabbed those this one as he was warming up. It was pretty knarly today, blowing wind and rain.

So while in town I transfered the image from my camera to my iPad via the Eye-Fi wireless SD card I use in the GXR. I then edited the image with Snapseed.
I had to laugh at Bill's comment.:biggrin:

I looked at this earlier on your blog, Duane. To my eyes, there's such an old fashioned feel to this. Not being a gym rat myself, I may be missing some of the more telling modern instruments of "torture" or exercise equipment, however this feels as though it could have been taken in the 1950s. Perhaps some things haven't changed all that much.

Your pping with Snapseed worked really nicely. Lots of character throughout!
Well it's not a modern gym per se as crossfit is a unique way to train as compared to normal training methods. As an example, John the proprietor has very large construction vehicles tires outside the facility to work with, flipping them. My son and a few of his scouting friends are using the gym to complete their Boy Scout personal fitness merit badges.
I really like this picture Duane. I was watching a documentary on tv last night about the photos and the photographers of Life magazine. This one wouldn't have looked amiss upon any of their splendid pages. It looks like glimpse of a bygone age. Lovely.
Lovely angles and tones Duane. Your boy gives the feeling of such movement and the processing such a timeless feel of a "gym".

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