SIJ - Day 17
With the days counting worries set in again. Life is sometimes like a roller coaster.
The out of focus nature still doesn't obscure the pathway.

As trite as it might sound, the reality is that it is always darkest before the dawn.

When things get unbelievably bad, I try myself to remember this and also the "bend in the river" theory of the time continuum.

I must add that I find it extremely helpful to see your photographs all together, though I know it's not possible for us all to do this.
"..but, thank goodness, we all have our dreams!" Just to complete your text :blush:

This is such a powerful image for pure OOF. Very niiiice!
The OOF photo nicely matches your text, and it still shows just enough to let you know that there is indeed a path ahead... great!
Another excellent monochrome, Wouter. Terrific composition and use of focussing technique.

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