SIJ - Day 17
The hallway leading to my office on the 32nd floor. My office is the very last door at the end of the hallway. The place is a mess. I switched to that office about a year ago. But haven't unpacked everything yet!
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this is so far removed from my work experience that it seems alien. I think I'd love an office.
I like the repetition. Those walls are crying out for your pictures to be placed on them ... they are so bare.
I can hear them saying it now...
"Go see the man at the end of the hall"....and the fear that enters their hearts as they make this long walk of shame :wink:

Great shot Armando with nice use of repetition.
I'm with Karen - why not see if you can add some of your artwork to those bare walls? I don't care how much work everyone has to do, they need beauty, too. Go for it, Armando - it will throw your lawyerly adversaries off! True!

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