SIJ - Day 18   Into the mist
It's been a grey, overcast day with drizzle, mist and low cloud. As you ascend the hill behind my cottage you enter an almost monochrome world. Here's my attempt to portray that feeling.
Very nice, love the fog, you captured the mood perfectly. This shows that there is never a reason to use the weather as an excuse for not taking pictures.

Love the fog here Barrie, and the composition. Strong use of lines draws you into where you are heading. I think you've succeeded in portraying a strong emotion here. But I am left asking, 'do you want to go up that path my friend?' :wink: I assume that warmth lies beyond...

Nice spread of tones in your PP too!
Walking on a foggy day is a good time.
Nice composition and tone.
The wet road puts appoint on it for sure.
Love these "country lanes", usually "haul roads" to get at the crop land/wood lands. Spent many hours traveling them. Thanks for the memory.
Such a lovely way of describing your walk up that lane, Barrie - "enter an almost monochrome world". A beautiful way of expressing what almost (even Bill, Down Under) have experienced.

You have created a wonderful image in black and white...and maintained a real range of tones and kept the details, which give me the feeling of walking there with you....feeling the damp mist and listening to our boots squish in some of the muddiness. I imagine there are birds singing, too.

Very well framed, and articulated, Barrie. I don't think you're strictly a "documentarian" anymore - or that you ever really have been only that.:wink:

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