SIJ - Day 18

SIJ - Day 18

From the toy box.
Who's that lady back there?
This really has the look of a scanned negative.
Great tone and detail too.
So metallic! Funny how the conception of the space other involved so much metal, yet our more modern interpretation is more organic. A fitting tribute to the golden age of sci-fi!
Completely cool and retro Scifi - love it and your ability to enhance what you see with your choices in post processing.

All the PPing in the world, can't make up for not having a good eye. You're very fortunate to have both abilities in spades!

I'd love to know if you were in a toy store, or what...just because I'm nosey and like stories.:wink:
I think the girl in the background is a young Judy Garland but I'm not 100% sure. She was part of the packaging for a hat/scarf thing. I'll photograph her again so you can see her better tonight as my SIJ 20 as I'm just back from work much later than expected and I've got less than an hour before midnight. I thought she would make a nice backdrop for a still life image so kept her.

BB, the toys are mine, I went through a mad phase during my PAD on mu-43 and bought a lot of second hand doctor who toys from eBay. The model tardis sits in our computer room gathering dust as I found I enjoyed the buzz more of winning the auctions on eBay than I did photographing them. I do like doctor who though and confess I am a bit of a sci-fi geek.
I still get a bit of a chill running up my spine when i see an old school Cyberman! Cybermen were a behind the settee watching experience but Daleks were a peering through a crack in the door one. I still vividly remember watching the very first broadcast of Doctor Who on our old B&W TV.

Really great image. Thanks for bringing back all those wonderful fright filled memories.

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