SIJ - Day 18

SIJ - Day 18

I walk by this lovely old apartment building everyday...and today there were two flags flying. I believe they were still up from Martin Luther King Day.

I cropped this and did my own "manual" fix for the distortion caused by the wide angle. I really need to learn how to figure out if there's a lens correction profile I can use - and how to do it!
Nice photo, indeed that appartment building has a lot of character! Love how blue skies look in this "BB style" processing, by the way!

regarding the distortion, do you mean pincushion / barrel distortion, or keystoning due the aiming your camera up?
I really love how you capture the colours in all your images and this is one of them. I can stare at it for a very long time and not get tired of it.
Must say I knew this was yours BB from the thumbnail. :)

Love the depth of this image. Nice colours and excellent composition. Amazed at the shadow detail from the X10 - do you use the DR function?
Wow, Bart - I haven't a clue about most of what you think I might have meant about lens distortion! I mean that by having my lens set at its widest the outer buildings were appearing to lean in on the courtyard. I will start a thread in the Image Processing forum about this, maybe over the weekend.

Mark, I have the Dynamic Range set to Auto. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to settings for in the camera jpegs, although I am only using jpegs with this camera. Everything else is set to standard, though I am thinking of trying some changes... Flysurfer has recently posted some photos in the X10 sample image thread that include his in camera settings which are making me think a bit more about trying a bit more contrast or ? so I don't need to add more contrast after the fact.

Thanks to all of you for your comments. I have another version that is more realistic, but it seemed boring to me, thus I've upped the ante a bit on this version.

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