SIJ - Day 18
I have had back pain problems for so long and had several pain treatments. I had high hopes a surgery could ease the pain, but on Wednesday I learned a surgery made no sense. I simply have to life and not to deal with it.
It's not a good mood to be in, but you've captured the despair. I hope things will be manageable for you.
Wouter, a very moving and deeply personal self portrait.

You have a a way of translating your feelings into images that is intensely real.

I am sad to read that you've had this news. I hope that new possibilities will present themselves. No one can truly understand another person's pain.
Oh Wouter, my sympathies. Great shot, showing the reality of chronic pain. Good news is that you do learn to live with it, and find ways of managing.
My feelings are with you (my wife also suffers inoperable back pain) - that is a very powerful partial self portrait.
I remember what we were talking about, this is it ah, nice, I like it, very nice powerful and I'm just dying to see the other half, full of mystery.
Excellent self portrait Wouter, it really conveys your emotion well. I'm very sorry to hear of your health issues, I hope you and your advisers can come up with another option soon.

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