SIJ Day 18
This shot taken from my bedroom window after finishing a dayshift. It's dark on the way to and from work when I'm on days at the moment so I'm struggling to shoot on these days. I'm also very inexperienced with shooting at night and my brief trial of the 5N's flash has put me right off it!
Norman, if this is "inexperience" then I say - more power to your inexperience!

You've achieved a powerful image to my eyes - there's a ghostly feel...the graininess of the light coming down from the streetlamp, the fence lines in front of and behind this building...and that white cross like structure on the right...with the strong lighting across the foreground of what looks like gravel with stakes sticking up.... All this makes me feel as though I'm overlooking a kind of graveyard at night. Maybe not literally, but the symbols are all there. Or is this just my imagination?

I find this a strong, dramatic, powerful and mystery filled image.

Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window"...well, this kind of reminds me of a view like that...and an even more ominous one.

Don't doubt yourself, Norman!
Love the feeling and mood of this image Norman. Just really not sure from which corner the spectre will appear!
has a "quick and dirty" feel about it, but it's somehow very strong, and quite threatening, at least to me...

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