SIJ - Day 19   The walk back from the lighthouse

SIJ - Day 19 The walk back from the lighthouse

This just wasn't planned, all sorts of little disasters today, so I'm having to fall back on this completely atypical shot for me. I wasn't the only one who decided a stroll at Start Point was in order as the rain cleared. Strangely enough it turns out the lady lives two villages away from me and knows a couple who are very serious photographers, and certainly not of the compact variety, that I also know.
Note, the lifted dogs paw was a complete and absolute fluke, but thank you dog.

PS, I've just had to draw the curtains, the sky is fantastic as the day draws to a close, cirrus cloud flung about all over the place. Ugh!
Serendipity was your best friend today, Barrie!

I have to tell you that this is quite wonderful - the colors, the sweep of the lines, the happenstance of running into this women with her lovely red coat and her beautiful dogs turned out to be the decisive moment you couldn't plan! :yahoo:

A simply wonderful, interesting, great to look at and well framed, fun and great shot! Bravo!
Well Barrie, I'd seriously consider adding 'street' (or is that 'village' :wink:) to your repertoire. Nice use of the classic S curve (not in exposure but composition) with the sweeping wall adding the the depth of the path. Nice background background of sea and clouds which adds context. So all up a great image that is full of life - at a time you'd think folks better off indoors). Cheery on this cake is the repetition of lifted right paws from both dogs and their 'owner' (well a leg in her instance).

Well seen and shot. Love to see more of this ilk Barrie.
"Love to see more of this ilk Barrie."

Hmm, I wouldn't hold your breath Mark, and not with this lens I feel. By the way it's a long walk to the nearest village. The actually nearest was washed away in a great storm in 1917 (Hallsands), although at night there was luckily no loss of life.
great wideangle shot! Love the sense of three-dimensionality, the curve in the road, the woman and her dogs providing an immediate subject, the clouds, and particularly the wonderful light reflecting off the sea, with shadows and highlights and subtle shades of blue, and the texture of the waves still visible... I really, really like this shot!
Agree with the other comments - this is 'right' on so many levels - planned or not.

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