SIJ - Day 19
El corillo de Caguas (The Crew from Caguas)

As I went on my nightly sojourn desperately looking for photo ops in the darkness, I came across this happy bunch. They were thrilled to pose.

A very long exposure and another bit of light painting.
well done, also to them for standing still long enough! Do the signs have any specific meaning or is it just a general "peace" kind of thing (or perhaps the english interpretation of this particular sign:p)?
An epic capture! 15 second portrait? That's 19 th century stuff. The result is wonderful.
I've just put on an old pair of reading glasses I had about 15 years ago and the image looks fine

As usual imagination/creativity comes into play Antonio

well done
Great shot, Antonio - don't you dare give up on your SIJ, or I'll get in touch with this group and they'll be knocking at your door for more!

Seriously like this a great deal. Don't understand "painting" but I like what you've come up with. From the thumbnail, I thought that Bill/Lightmancer had gone farther afield with his GRD3.:wink:

If you can make more like this, you'll have a great series going!
Nice one Antonio, so glad you're braving out SiJ, so we continue to be entertained by your images and unique eye. This one is so dynamic...and the tones are so good for a 15 second exposure :eek:

So are you supposed to be fearful of a posse like this....just not sure whether their spectacles adds menace....unless I happen to be toting library books that they are keen to read?

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