SIJ - Day 19
[B] Testing 1, 2, 3, testing [/B]

[I] So little personal time to look let alone see.[/I]

As I'm reconnecting with my other compadres on the challenge. I thought I'd show how I talk with all you folks. I'm rural so am completely dependant on a wireless connection - not sure what this "ADSL" business is (let alone all this talk about "ADSL+" and "ADSL2", etc :blush:)

So here's a little tribute to my true 'front end'.
All hail to the engineering and IT gods who create these things!

This image immediately put me in mind of The Wizard of Oz. I hope you've got a good storm cellar out there, Mark - them's stormy skies!

Wonderful framing!
wow I had no idea it was this difficult to get internet access over there - but great that it's possible!

great sky, and i love the placement of the antenna!
Wow, you really are quite removed. Love the minimalism and use of scale. Illustrates and stands as a metaphor for your situation.
Very nice and subtle image. I quite like the mixture of the minimalism and subtle texture blend.

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