SIJ Day 2

SIJ Day 2

An afternoon spent at the Cantor Arts Museum at Stanford University. They have a Robert Franks exhibit which ends in two more days. Just made it in time to see an inspiring collection of photographs. The wood in the bottom of the image is actually a statue of a horse.
Stunning! Great light, IQ and framing. If you post a full view of the horse, please drop me a PM because I'd love to see it. Seeing that you've used the lovely little gem of the X10 makes me ashamed that I've had it in my camera bag for more than a year. Very well done!
Thanks for your comment BB. I'm still trying to get my "creative confidence" back and looking at the horse in person I couldn't visualize anything worthwhile about it on it's own. But your comment makes me think that I was just lazy about looking at it from different perspectives. I will go back soon and do it again.
There's so much to like here - composition is great, but the highlight for me is the play of light. It's radiating, bending and glowing on surfaces...what is it doing up above the stairs there all've caught it all so well.
The staircase is amazing with great light. I might have cropped out the horse in the forground, but overall a a cool image
The marble and the stair lines are what draw me in. I'd be interested in seeing the horse sculpture a little more fully (perhaps in another photo?)

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