SIJ - Day 2
In my hometown, a typical commuter place, I consider the local train station to be best place for street photography. Anywhere else people are just to aware of your presence.

The station has a very sober architecture and while it is usually a quite busy place, it is also a location that provides interesting spots to echo moody feelings. In this case the pose of the man, for me, increases the somber feeling.
I picture the gent in my mind as looking wistfully at the bike with thoughts back to a day when perhaps he rode.

Either that or he is sizing up whether he should steal it. :D

I like how you've completed this in post.
Your thought of him looking at the bike was certainly something that came up in my mind too, Mike. The old man however is not looking at the bike, but looking at a shaft that directs to a tunnel underneath the train station. Maybe he was waiting for someone.
Really enjoy the transportation theme here. The old fellow seems to be reminiscencing about less complicated times in the saddle of a bike with the wind in his hair.
So many readings with this one!
I saw him caught between the bicycle on the right and what at first appeared to be a shadow of a wheelchair behind.
Beautiful light and conversion too.
I've been there, through that shaft. And waited for ages to catch a taxi from that train station. I felt desolated at the time, and that feeling returns looking at this image.

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