SIJ Day 2

SIJ Day 2

Nice weather today so took a walk to the local boating lake, cutting through these woods on the way.

This is proving quite a challenge. To make things even harder my car tax ran out on 31st Dec and the MOT was due a week later. I decided I'd ploughed enough money into that car, which was on its last legs. So I'm now without a car. Plan on walking or cycling or getting a bus to get around for next six months or so.
So, a side effect of the SIJ will be to get you fit as well. The bokeh with that lens makes it look a bit like a heat haze, which I'm sure was not really the case. Still that's all part of the experience of using the same lens for many purposes, good for some, perhaps shows some weaknesses for others.
Nice one Norman...I assume that's Holly?

Sorry news about the car, but I like how you seem to have accepted the alternate transport for a time. Better shots can be had from a bike where you are travelling slower and better immersed in your environment....I hope that's some consolation.
Well, a car moves to fast to capture images like these anyhow. Well done.
Yes, the separation of the holly leaves and the forest's floor and background is extremely nice, Norman. I don't often think of you as photographing nature, but perhaps that's just because I'm used to your street shots?

I'll add my condolences upon the loss of your car, but admire you for being able to do without it. Many of us are tethered to our automobiles.
Great shot, Norman. I admire your decision to get rid of the car, I've been contemplating the same thing, lately. Clearly, being on foot is a pathway (lol) to excellent shots.

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