SIJ - Day 2

SIJ - Day 2

Flare attack
Same here...oh Foveon!!!!! It's the only camera that I had that I truly miss....I think that's because all I have left are the outstanding images...and all memories of actually using the camera - and it's notorious UI - are long gone.
Never would I have known that was a foevon flare! I'm with marlof - it's a sign! Love the detail and glow coming from that blacktop, Will, and the white lined highlights...
I knew the flare would happen and I was thinking along the lines of using it to indicating us heading off into a bright new future.
Well........ you never know!
I have never shot this camera, but I love its' images. I'll enjoy them vicariously while you deal with the prickly UI I hear so much about. Beautiful shot!

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