SIJ Day 2
This may get boring for all of you but this is near where I live and where I walk my dog every day when I'm home.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there were no clouds today to help my B&W mood. Just a bright blue sky. The bad part is I'm trying to just shoot B&W this month.

We'll see if I can keep that up.
Simply magic Duane!

Love the composition, especially the curve in the foreground that invites you right into the image. Nice B+W processing too, with a nice emphasis on the midtones.
If I'd live there, I'd walk my dog there too. Don't worry too much about boring us, it's a scenery that is lovely to look at.
Excellent composition and I like the reflections of the dock in the water.
Yes, don't worry about being boring, Duane. As a matter of fact, I'm glad to see some photos from home. This looks as though it was a cold day, with just enough wind on the water to ruffle it. Very nice mix of textures from the sand to walkway over the lake to those trees - the stark sky is a nice counterpoint.
I like it too. duane you are far too self-deprecating... your images are always worth seeing :)
Not boring but may be sloping slightly or is it my eyes? You have captured a good range of tones Duane.
I'm also shooting while dog walking. The last two days Bella was with me.

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