SIJ - Day 2

SIJ - Day 2

Seen at the beach and park in my town.

I haven't really decided how much to write in here...though it could be helpful? To me? To the viewer?

I purposely went down to the water in the later afternoon because of the beautiful light and cold weather. So much to see and so many photographs to make! Then I saw this little girl with her father. She was so cute in her polka dots and completely at one with all that was around her from the view to the different colored pebbles on the pathway.
I like the way the fence follows the line of the shore. The light is great.
All those exquisite perpendicular lines and then that splash of pink polka dots.
Duane beat me to it! Love the long shadow, it really adds to the storyline. Nice use of colour here BB also such a strong composition with the fence lining up with the shore perfectly! Wow BB, I would never have taken you for a technical left-brainer :wink:
I like this photo on many levels, I love the colours, composition, the texture, contrast, and shadow detail.

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