SIJ - Day 2
My first encounter with the Tesla -- the all electric sports car. Love the car, but hate the fact that I (as a taxpayer) have subsidized the creation of this $100,000+ sports car that is not available (or affordable) to the normal people. Leonardo DiCaprio has one. Figures.
Indeed there's something inherently right about yellow Lotuses (or their derivatives), although someone near my house used to have a cream white Tesla with a british racing green stripe along the centre line, it looked pretty good as well!
Armando - great commentary! Perfect choice of these intense over the top colors...and the young man behind the wheel's he is off in dreamland... That was a great moment that you caught. Can't help but assume that this fellow will probably never be driving one in real life. :wink:
Have you seen what happens when batteries explode! I have and, no thank you. I too am not happy at the giving of taxes to private companies.
Good capture. Looks "magazine"
The guy who started the company was on TV the other day - the Bloomberg Channel, (which I seldom watch) - but isn't another of his companies taking over the space mission shuttles ......... they will need a few batteries to get to the moon and back.

Also I think that he is suing the BBC, (that great British institution), as when the car was tested by Top Gear it stopped after just a few miles when it was supposed to be good for 120 miles - the inventor reckons the BBC or Jeremy C rigged the test ......... he would never do a thing like that!@£$%^!!!!

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