SIJ Day 20 - A stroll on the beach

SIJ Day 20 - A stroll on the beach

Some friends have rented a condo for a month further along the bay from our hotel. This is the view looking back toward the town. I liked the reflections in the wet sand.
I like the reflections too. The composition is also really nice and the paragliding going on in the background is fun as well. Overall a wonderfully balanced, interesting and beautiful shot
I love the reflections. If you were forced to crop it, how would you do it? I only ask because I'm not a fan of a centered subject....and I'm not sure which direction I would take this. There is some static "dead" space either side....depends on what YOU feel. Those reflections make the shot any way you take it. I just think it might benefit from a tighter crop.
Oh to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt...walking through warm waters.... Great impressionistic reflections there, Kathy!
Great reflection and composition. The sky looks hazy but you've still got good colour.
Nice shot. Fortunate those guys are wearing such complimentary colours that reflect well. Such a contrast to the weather here!

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