SIJ Day 20; Keep Out

SIJ Day 20; Keep Out

Really like the circular pattern against the regular shape of the metal cabinets. Well spotted.
"Energized Electrical Equipment"

The French ones say "DANGER de MORT" - which you can translate as "mess with it and you are dead", (well, maybe)
I like it how this fits the PAD theme wonderfully. Just read the words on the top right.
Things like this always make me a little nervous...and I hope they're locked up safely from prying hands.

I like the sundial look!
Love the tones and the shadow here Lili!....also that circular pattern is so compelling! Love this!!!!!
Like others have said, the circular lines and the hard shadows really give this photo energy!
This is so good!
The circular pattern is reminiscent of long exposure night time sky images.
Composition is great.

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