SIJ day 20-The Delinquent
While driving home today in my "teenager hotrod", I was inspired to shoot my truthfully accurate mirror air freshener with the school bus backdrop HDR, Colorefex
Lens (mm): 7.1
ISO: 400
Aperture: 5
Shutter: 1/100
Exp. Comp.: +0.7
that's an... interesting air refreshener you've got there! :wink: and is that a speed camera warning system?

nice strong colours, I like how it's exclusively yellow / black / white and a small bit of red :)
Heh... I see...

Delinquent(s) of America STOP!

Well done. The colors of the the freshener being the same color as the bus set up all kind of vaguely ironic responses for me.

Definitely a great juxtaposition.

So it's basically to heck with the speed limits, let's shoot and drive at the same time, and don't mind the school bus...

The juxtaposition between the sign, the radar detector, and the bus is excellent, as is the composition and post processing. Really cool shot!
Excellent use of colour the starkness of the red of the Stop and your UHF radio (?)

...for some reason "Born to be Wild" runs through my head as I view this shot.

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