SIJ - Day 20
You're on a roll with this wonderful repetition of lines and shapes!

This is my favorite from your latest three additions to your SIJ, marlof.

Were you moving...on a train, or a bus or car? I can detect the faintest reflection, I think.

This reminds of me a black and white Edward Hopper, if you know him?

I used to commute by train through some pretty desolate outer "boroughs" of Manhattan...and always wondered about being on the other side of all those windows I would see passing by.

Love the lighting, especially.
Nice one. It's all windows looking out and windows looking in. Gives we the feeling I am standing behind a pane of glass framed precisely as the one I spy across from me. Nice story!!!
I hope the road isn't too busy! Very nicely done with the road at a 90 degree angle, and the building walls both at 45 degrees, with one part lit and the other dark...

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