SIJ Day 20
Wohoo! Day off work. Shame it won't stop raining. Took a stroll to the nearby nature reserve and had a go at shooting this huge old fir tree. Difficult to know how to photograph it, other than this way!
It's alive - and it's got to be an Ent!

I agree 100% with Antonio - love this wildly alive image of The Great Fir!
Love the PoV, textures and the repetition. The image is so organic, but more powerfully it stirs my inner child....all I can think about is CLIMBING!!! It's an overwhelming urge!!!!
hmm yeah my 10 year old self wouldn't have been able to control himself - but what a maze of branches! Nice shot!
Nice. I've tried similar shots of tangled branches and never got a good result like this one.
Great POV, exceedingly well composed (the wavy branches are quite different and interesting and in this case well placed to accentuate them), lovely textures, beautiful tonality and overall excellent rendering. Nice job.

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