SIJ - Day 20
[B] A study in rust [/B]

In the dying light these rusty tins took on a weird hue.

Funny thing to post-process is rust, so much more going on in the colour channels than first meets the eye. So kept the processing down to a minimum with small tweaks to the curves, contrast and it's so easy to get carried away and lose sight of what first inspired you to make an image :blush:

This is really good! Fantastic tones and detail, great composition, and that 3D quality that the 25mm has. Bravo!

You've given this a real film feel, I think - a rusted barrel is a thing of beauty, as is that cool blue/green background and that thin and wonderful yellow line.

I think this is great stuff, Mark!
love the texture, the colour, the background, the way the light wraps around the cylinder... great shot!
Love it! I didn't realise it was rust, from the thumbnail. I thought I was looking at one of those African-style woven baskets, with a lid.
Yes, color, detail and texture her are excellent. Love it. Do we have an image genre here for "Rust?" This is an excellent entry I should think.

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