SIJ - Day 20

SIJ - Day 20

Just had to have a late lunch at my favorite spot...where I love their coffee. I love to sit there and watch the light.
Just the sort of file we all tend to automatically turn to B&W but I'm so glad you didn't with this one. The colours and grain are wonderful.
Just a quick note...

I went back and forth on how to present this. I'm going to try it more true to reality when I have time. The grain is added...the original was nice and smooth. I also debated about straightening it, but decided against that, as well. I thought the more natural view at which I saw and shot this was in keeping... We'll see.

Thanks for taking a look see in here, you all!
keep it tilted for sure, but I'd also love to see it smooth and clean for comparison
Love the composition as is BB. That leading line is so strong and draws your eye to the silhouetted figure really nicely...with great detail and colour just beyond him. The grain is extreme but really works with this image.
I am a late to the game here.
I was wondering about the texture then I read your note.
In the thumbnail the large black triangle at the bottom with thw profile sticking out of it caught my interest.
The warm light that is coming from inside the composition is a good element too.
Nice shot, love the golden light behind the backlit seatback... I'm curious to see the non-grain version, too!

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