SIJ - Day 21  Curious Cow
A sunrise departure (if the sun was visible) from my cottage, up the hill with low cloud, drizzle and wind, over Great Luscombe and along the lane to Bowden Farm. Just after my arrival the cows were turned out into the yard to feed on silage following morning milking.
This one seemed more curious than hungry and in speaking to the farmer it turns out that when his son was smaller she would allow him to sit astride her, hence her friendliness.
In my opinion there can never be too may cow pictures in the world.
This is a lovely one with an insight into this cows daily life. I like the composition with the bar gate running across and her peering through.
I grew up with cows. They all have their little personalities. Thousands of years of breeding have made them exceedingly docile, and in broad brush strokes they all seem the same. But in reality there were always differences and quirks. This one seems very sweet. Perhaps she missed the human interaction she had with the little boy. I try always to have a kind word for Bossy.

Love the picture. I think I, too, miss interaction with them.
I'm a cow fan, as well. They do have such a gentle and noble look.

Such an interesting field of view, the cross bars of the gate just below her eyes and the lines leading us back in to another gate where we see her friends.

I envy you your neighbors, Barrie!
Nice one Barrie. I live with cows all around and never tire of shots of them - especially dairy cows, as I've not seen one for 100's of kilometres of my place....I live in beef country. Then again Quorn is the closest thing that I eat that resembles flesh.

Love the tones here Barrie - also the apparent intention to maintain the anonymity of the've tried to protected her identity well my obfuscating here eyes behind the railing....but in typical cow fashion they fail to comply :wink: Which I think is a powerful message as this betrays that they each are different with their own personality. :thumbsup:

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