SIJ Day#21 - icicles on rosebush

SIJ Day#21 - icicles on rosebush

This clearly isn't Florida anymore. It's always nice to come home, but having 4 inches of snow to shovel right when you get off the plane is really a rude way to come home. I almost forgot to shoot a photo for day 21 so I hastily grabbed a few shots when we got home from going for dinner. None of them were any good.

If there is one thing I am taking away from the "Single In", it's that I don't like taking photos when I'm not in the mood. And I don't like sharing photos when I'm unhappy with them. The world doesn't need more needs more GREAT ones. So once this month is over, I'm going to try create one GREAT photo each week. (Hopefully I'll get a few good ones, too)
I feel your pain - not the snow shoveling part, thankfully.

We have to keep reminding ourselves that this SIJ is our own personal experience - and if this is what one comes away with that's just as valid an epiphany as another person's.

As it happens, I think this is a beauty - the rich colors, the crystal clear ice...and the darkness surrounding it all.

6 more formative days, Luke!:biggrin:
personally I really like this shot, with the ice enclosing the leaves and the light reflecting off the ice... I'd be happy to have shots like these on my off days!
Love the feel of this shot mate. And Barrie's spot-on about that shadow. Also love the little orange lights out right of the frame...

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