SIJ Day 21
My intention in this spot was to hold the camera as steady as possible and keep dropping the shutter speed until I got a nice blur effect as people and vehicles moved by in the shot. I did get the effect I wanted when I dropped down to around 1/20s but the blurred figures tended to get swallowed up by the background. This was an early shot where I was just checking the focus was about right. I liked the light on this one. The blur effect will have to wait another day..
love the colours and the light, and the composition too, even if it wasn't intentional. I really like it!
Something about the composition with the walking man and the star burst really appeals to me.
That light is super, and I don't think you could have asked for anyone better to have been striding by! This fellow's got a great face and that main of white hair couldn't have been chosen better by a stylist for this scene and that light, Norman. Great choice!

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