SIJ Day 21
Duane Pandorf

SIJ Day 21

Just a wonderful day to go to work. Left the house a 1100 this morning and I still haven't left the Asheville airport and its going on 1730. Trying to get to Brunswick, GA via Atlanta then Jacksonville then rental car. Now I'm on a different airline going now to Charlotte then Jacksonville, FL and then a rental car to Brunswick, GA. Lovely.
hmm sounds like a dreadful day... at least you made a very nice image! I like the windowframe dividing up the scene outside...
Sounds like my life prior to my very recent job change. I used to spend about 50% of my time on the road. Nice photo, though.
Duane, love your travelling set. I've spent my fair share of time in airports - and more than a few in the US for that matter. This just has that feeling of waiting in the terminal....though life is a little different with "Lounge Memberships" now :wink:
Duane, I feel for you not being able to get up in the air and on your way.

You did create a good image showing your circumstances...the colors and lighting...all quiet and subdued... I hope things pick up and all goes well soon, if it hasn't already.
Waiting in the 2000s.
Hope you're there by now.
This scene could still be the same.

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