SIJ - Day 21

SIJ - Day 21

The first snow of the winter!
Still in touch with his wolf genes. The colour contrast of Johnny's coat with the well exposed snow is really nice.
Abstract dog
I love it!

The unusual angle and strong composition work beautifully. I like the fine fur around the edges against the snow creating a fine detail that contrasts with the harshness everywhere else. I love the way the white patch of fur blends with the snow making a dog of two parts (more striking in the thumbnail)
Could be fun to play with the levels to make the white fur and snow merge even more?
I like this one a lot, BB. Great colors remind me of a couple of my favorite films and unique perspective.
Oh I love these colours!!! The texture of the snow is exquisite....and not quite figured out if your 'shadow' is of the same mind and so is transfixed by it, or simply walking tentatively without knowledge of what lies beneath.

Compelling image from a very unique perspective.
BB, I really like this. I think it is because of the dominance of white, it works for me.

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