SIJ - Day 21

SIJ - Day 21

Very nice, like the processing on this one. The stump with the barbed wire and the scratched look adds an edge to the picture.

I like textures and stuff like this in general. I also like to know what is going on with them. The frame part I like, the faux scratches I also like, but feel like they are too crisp. My fave part (and I don't know if it was done in camera or part of the texture layer). The blue seems to ring around the perimeter, like a faux toy lens of Holga-ish filter. I like the lines. I like the shot. The rest is window dressing......very nice window dressing.
I like the sharp focus on the barbed wire and everything else oof but still clearly identifiable.
Strong stuff. That barbed wire looks deadly serious.

I don't know if you are familiar with The Laramie Project, but that is pretty much all I can think about when I look a this image.

Very well done, Karen.

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