SIJ day 22-Dead Signals
one of my neighbors does not seem to realize that TV is now digital, Color EFex, HDR:
Lens (mm): 11.7
ISO: 400
Aperture: 2.8
Shutter: 1/800
Exp. Comp.: +0.3
Well Bob, you may think we're crazy at my house but we haven't connected a TV to cable or satellite since we moved back from Portugal 8 years ago nor even have an antennae like this one on our roof!!! Ok, we did recently by a new LCD and connected it to the internet :tongue:
that is cool I just do not know why people still have these when they do not do anything anymore
Some locations still have analog signal that can be used, digital can be taken with a converter box. but some folk just don't get around to removing the unneeded. This picture shows the "leftover' Antenna and the spent jet fuel exhaust vapor mixed with moisture of the cold air. Your PP emphasizes them.
Oh, and we don't have TV signal hookup either.
I like the graphic PP used. In Australia we still need an antenna like this one for digital.
Are you sure you're not looking out my back door?

We seem to living in a dead zone.

I have been photographing a set of roof tops fairly regularly... I may have to do an "homage to Bob and the Dead Zone" shot.

Great color and everything else - never saw an antenna looking so good! Beautiful coloring.
Antennae still work great for picking up digital television. We've just been brainwashed into paying for television. I LOVE this processing, too.
Interesting shot, I like the PP. Lots of TV antennae around here too, That's clearly an analog signal catcher and they are going to be somewhat useless around here sometime this year when analog TV gets switched off... but we dont have cable, so we still have to use an antenna (or in my case a set of rabbit ears or similar) to catch digital. I'm finding the analog bunny ears just fine for getting digital and I just never got round to having anything on the roof.

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