SIJ - Day 22: Detail, Woolsey Hall Stairwell

SIJ - Day 22: Detail, Woolsey Hall Stairwell

This was all I could get in today... By the time I got over to Divinity it was overcast in an ugly way. I'll try again tomorrow.

Back on Day 3 I shot one of the Yale towers through the Woolsey Hall columns. I later shot "Commons" colonnade. This is the same building, ie: Woolsey Hall built as part of the Yale bicentennial celebration in 1901. The architects were Carrère and Hastings, designers of the New York Public Library.

Not a hugely inspiring shot, but just as there have been other repeating themes throughout this series, I intend on adding some further stairwells. The 16:9 ratio seemed appropriate here...
I love shots like these. I'm never sure how to crop them, but this looks right to me.
One of the many things I enjoy about your series, Seaain, is the attention to details - both yours and the fantastic architecture, mostly, from the past. To think what all this would cost now...not that it was inexpensive then.

My father was class of 1931. I keep picturing him in and around these halls.

I need a walking tour!
Great perspective Seeain. You are really selling that lens mate....and here I was thinking I needed the 7-14mm :wink:

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