SIJ - Day 22   Gathering winter fuel
Serendipity 4 days running! With about 30 houses in my village, and not all of those occupied full time, it's unusual to chance upon something happening in the "street". I was off down the estuary on what was proving a difficult day when, just 2 minutes from my cottage I came across a neighbour taking in the logs someone had left on his front doorstep.
He was amazed to be asked if I could take his photograph, but readily agreed and carried on about his task, ignoring me, as asked.
This is all so not me, but enjoyable. I think my Voigtlander 15mm or the Panasonic 20mm would be better for this task, but in the meantime till the end of the month, if the opportunity arises....
You may say it's not you, but I had you pinned as the photographer from the thumbnail. Maybe not the subject, but the rendition gave you away. Great tonal range.
it's good to get out of your comfort zone once in awhile. Nice "street" shot!
Serendipity is your new friend, for sure, Barrie!

Isn't it fun or maybe even exciting, when something so unexpected and unplanned falls almost right into your lap?

How great that you asked your neighbor and he acquiesced without posing.

I need to try to be more forward with people I don't really know...but maybe know slightly. I've missed some good shots because I feel too shy to ask.

I, too, guessed that this one was one of yours, Barrie. I really enjoy seeing all the different lifestyles/climates/cultures that are represented by our SIJ group. Many thanks!
I'll be honest Barrie, trying to guess the photographer from the thumbnail, your name would have been well down on my list. But I have to say that I'm really enjoying your people shots A LOT! You seem to have an uncanny knack in capturing people so naturally in their context.

Superb composition here too.

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