SIJ Day#22 - The Housing Crisis Deepens

SIJ Day#22 - The Housing Crisis Deepens

First off....I'm aware that may day #22 is preceding many days from last week, but those shots are at home on my computer yet to be processed (some I haven't even looked at), but I brought the camera to work today and shot this outside my store.

I've seen the eviction notice there for over a month and just haven't had the heart to shoot it. I feel a bit opportunistic scoring this heartbreaking shot at the expense of whomever is losing their house, but felt it was a story that needed to be heard. If you see a bird who looks a little down on their luck, think of this one and lend a helping hand.
great shot

It even has its own food store

replace the notice with "Gone South for the Winter"

birds aren't stupid
This one made me smile and, yet, feel sad.

Your post processing is is perfect - as is that terrible little hand written sign stuck in place on such a simple home...with that big, brand new screw.

Don't get me wrong - I think this is a great image, Luke!
This one tells a story, even though the story is made up (untrue). I see why the "eviction". House is at an unsafe angle!Gave me a chuckle that I shared with the wife. Purpose of photography is to record for future remembrance. Well done.
The typeface on the note looks a little psycho killer.
Alll the birds O.K. in the area?

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