SIJ - Day 22
[B] Temptation in the wilderness [/B]

Ironic isn't it? We have an orchard near the house which we prune, feed and generally tend very carefully the yield of fruit again this year approximates...well zero!!! Now today we head down to the creek - about 1/2 a mile from the house and what do we find there. A tree brimming with apples. Wild apples - not sure who the gardener is but they are doing a mighty fine job in spite of spot, or fungus or pests!!!

Well I liked the look of one in particular...very tempted to eat it. But we all know what happened in Genesis. Though fear not, it was too cold to be parading in fig-leaf couture :wink:
Not a big crop by the look of it - I like the portrait orientation you have selected and the oof trees in the bg suggesting distance.
What a cool spot of color, and a very entertaining story, Mark.

I'd have eaten it too.:biggrin:

How great it must be to live in all that wild beauty.
great story and I like the shot. I'd have eaten it too, I'm afraid. The leaf couture comment was great:biggrin: although from what you've shown us of your area, you might just get away with it and not bother anyone :)

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