SIJ - Day 22

SIJ - Day 22

A "serious" self-portrait.

While waiting around for a bit at a friend's house, I decided to try to make the most of their beautiful mirror. ;-)

Although I had one where I was looking a little more like my friendly self, I liked this take the best.

P.S. That little squiggle is part of a floral arrangement...don't have PhotoShop, thus there it stays! Maybe that's not such a bad thing, really.
You're looking very serious there BB, I think we'd all better be on our best behaviour. The intricacy of the frame has been well capture and the high key background gives the setting an almost regal air.

Now there's a subject!* The thingy from the flower arrangement doesn't disturb me, it looks like a bit of a tear in the white "frame".

* Talking about the mirror of course.
You look so serious...Love the high key rendering and the tonality. Beautiful composition as well. Nicely done.
marlof's asterisk is KILLING me.....I'm ROFLMAO! Seeing different facial expressions really helps to reveal hidden facets of the personality. Nicely done.
That's a very fine self-portrait. The mirror is a lovely frame. Hopefully you are happier with the result than you look in the the picture.:)
This is a terrific self portrait. The processing along with your serious expression is what makes it for me.
Very formal - even regal. The squiggle makes it look like it's plugged in (like a flat screen).

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